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Re: [GZG] NSL Geopolitical Composition

From: "Matthew Tope" <kirov76@g...>
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 21:55:57 +0100
Subject: Re: [GZG] NSL Geopolitical Composition

Gzg-l mailing list 21/08/06, Robert
N Bryett <> wrote:
> Holland is the same place as the Netherlands in the same way that
> England is the same place as Britain...

Sorry Rob, but England is not the same place as Britain, but don't
this is a common mistake made by not Brits, let me explain (though it
gets a
tad complicated...)

Technically there is no country called Britain. The Nations actual name
the United Kingdom. The UK consists of the  territories encompassed by
geographical term of Great Britain, which are  England, Scotland, Wales
Ulster (Northern Ireland). Britain is a geographical term for the main
landmass of the British isles, on which are found England, Wales and

The UK as created early in the eighteenth century with the creation of
United Kingdom of England and Wales, at which point the nations of
and Wales ceased to exists, superseded in law by the UK. In the early
Scotland joined (or was forced at gun point) into the act of Union, the
expanded across the whole of Britain. I'm not too clear on Ireland, but
however it was incorporated it never got much choice in the matter, at
not until 1922 when southern Ireland achieved independence and became
nation known as Eire.

Now, just to muddy things further, in the last decade Scotland, Wales
Ulster have all gained regional assemblies and a limited form of home
and therefore are effectively their own nations within the nation of the
England meanwhile has not received any form of home rule and indeed is
solely ruled by the government of the UK (the one in London). So the
UK is made up of three nations, Scotland, Wales, and Ulster, and the
Territorial area known as England but which in fact is not a nation in
either international or domestic law. So technically the English
international football, cricket or rugby union teams are illegal as they
represent a nation that does not actually exist.

If this doesn't make sense, then please bear in mind that calling a
of the UK British is liable not to cause too much offence, but calling a
Scot English is liable to get your nose broken. Repeatedly.

The Scots are sore losers...


Matt Tope (A self proclaimed Devonian as England doesn't actually

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