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[GZG] NPC History

From: Glenn Wilson <warbeads@y...>
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 18:57:44 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [GZG] NPC History

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Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 08:49:04 -0400
From: Noam Izenberg <>
Subject: [GZG] Re: Minor Power Navy
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Hey Glen,

I may be late, but I just saw the Native Peaople's
Circle Navy  
writeup. What's the background on the NPC? They sound
similar to The Thousand Nations
TTNHome.htm), perhaps there's some synergy there.

Also, the TTN navy has a light carrier design you
might see fit to  
use or adapt here: I haven't  
aupdated those pages in almost 6 years, but they
should be FB2.5  
current. THe minis in the pics are from Brigade.

Glenn:	I found TTN after creating NPC for a
self-contained campaign idea.

Basically the NPC were the not actually 'Hostile' to
the NAC  but not interested in what they saw as
assimilation. <grin>  

Quick and Dirty report:

The NPC basically suggessted themselves as a
self-governing group that would represent NAC
interests in a minor off the main  routes of space 
system where the People's Holy Republic (a Christian
Communist dissident group) were exiled under the
watchful eye of the Indonesian Commonwealth and
LIRA/LLAR (in my line the LIRA/LLAR got South America
back from the NAC with Central America/Mexico allied
with NAC or LIRA/LLAR as they choose.)	There were
indications that these planets were an over-looked
mineral mine planet.  Those leads turned out to be
wrong.	(Or were they?)

The NAC in any case 'bought' it and moved them there. 
They do represent NAC interests but not always in the
way the NAC anticipates.  

The UNSC got a presnce by a PHR plan that went awry. 
The PHR are always mixing it with somebody.  The UNSC
(Black Hats IMO) are playing Machevallian games as
convoluted as the PHR.

The LIRA/LLAR originally were thought of as a
non-friend by the NPC and their NAC patrons but the
PHR incursions, UNSC machinations and IC military
power (originally the baddest dude on the planets)
consistently pushed them together as allies of the
moment.  While early on the NPC and LIRA/LLAR did have
small conflicts the constant working to limit IC
power, PHR aggresion and UNSC political/black ops
actions eventuallly pushed them into a non-agression
treaty then a mutual  defense pact.  

Being low and mid tech colonies (LIRA/LLAR colony uses
CFE power/SLAMs with sprinkling of HKP2; NPC uses HMT,
GMS weapons with lighter HEL/HKP stiffening units)
whereas the IC and UNSC are FPG users hasn't hurt the
NPC as they would be upgraded to achieve back-water
status.  Which suits the NPC fine.

The PHR are supposed to be CFE (most their AFGVs are)
but they do have some oversized AFVs using FPG that
was supposed to not be available by embargo of the
powers who moved the PHR there after PHR won near
universal condemnation for their actions on Terra.

I will see if the last history revision is available
in my files.

  Glenn Wilson

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