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[GZG] DS2 Cheese

From: Glenn Wilson <warbeads@y...>
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 06:50:40 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [GZG] DS2 Cheese

Just playing with 'the edges' of DS2 and decided to
toss out a cheese laden idea for tearing...discussing.

Multiple (beyond 2) weapons per turrets.

Assume oversized vehicles up to class 7:

You can stick a turret with three size 5 weapons (HEL,
DFFG, MDC, HKP, whatever) in a class 7 vehicle's
turret.  15 + 10 +10.  Reviresco produces a giant tank
(Thatcher?) that has three guns in the turret.

Extreme opposite end imagine - if the weapons per
class rule was dropped with a house rule - 12 Size 1
HELs (etc) would fit on a class 5 hull!  Buckets of
dice DS 2 style???

In more standard DS 2 rules - 5 size 2 weapons would
fit on a class 5 vehicle.  Or five size 3 weapons on a
class 7 vehicle with a PDS/Bas to boot.
For the more standard vehicles, 3 Size 2 weapons on a
class 3 vehicles would be somewhat a case of an
armored egg with 3 pound sledge hammer hit.  4 size 2
HELs on a class 4 vehicle would be a 'sniper pest'
requiring a "priority" on some players' Aerospace,
VTOL and/or Arty assets on a moderately open terrain
board (or a lot of bush hopping.)  

Anyway, just wondering what other 'cheese' DS 2
designs youy might put on a game table that was not
too 'serious' just to see how it would fare.

  Glenn Wilson

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