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Re: [GZG] Revised Salvo Missiles Update

From: "john tailby" <John_Tailby@x...>
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 20:12:07 +1200
Subject: Re: [GZG] Revised Salvo Missiles Update

If people are unhappy about the homing missile issue why are not people 
picking on the turn sequence that lets two ships fly past each other
with a 
closest approach 3MU away but not fire until the end of the movement
when the enemy is out of arc and or range.

I can imagine that the salvo missiles are pretty small and they don't
the fuel for the kind of continuous course change that a "homing
would need. Its quite possible that the salvo missiles only carry fuel
the interception attack and are launched by magnetic acceleration by the

mother ship.

If you want some simple suggestions to make issiles more "homing" allow
to make endurance burs after ship moves. In case of Salvo missiles
the initial placement range to 24" and allow a 12" move after the enemy 
fleet has moved. To balance out the increased chance of a hit reduce the

number of missiles that hit by 1 for each level of EM on the target
ship. As 
an option allow positive DM to the number of missiles that hit for each 
level of improved sensors that the mother ship has.

PDS fire can then take place as normal.

The problem I can see with this is that it makes the ordnance / non
fleet design more pronounced.
If you come up against a fleet with advanced sensors and you are a low 
thrust beam fleet with not much ECM then you get hit very hard.

If the enemy does not use ordnance attacks and you take lots of ordnance

defences then you are at a disadvantage.

FWIW my group allows ordance not making attack runs to be fired upon
anti ship weapons but with a -2DRM.

We also invented homing variations of the heavy missile that have 3
but do 1D6 damage They can burn endurance after ships move.

We also invented rockets that hit using the pulse torpedo mechanism and
then be attacked by the ships PDS before they attack in the missile
phase. They are fired in the ordnance phase but use a direct fire
This was pimarily introduced to give an ordnance attack to people that

We use robot fighters. These are cheaper than normal but dumb. They must

make any endurance burn moves before ships move.

There are plenty of options for simple rule mechanisms for improving the

accuracy of ordnance weapons if you want to. The risk is that you
their effectiveness and force ships to invest in more and more
anti missile defences.

I expect that by now, every playing group is using their own version of
rules. So all these arguments are in the spirit of whether your group
to adopt them or not. 

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