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[GZG] [FT] Particle Cannon

From: "Matthew Tope" <kirov76@g...>
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2006 20:16:21 +0100
Subject: [GZG] [FT] Particle Cannon

Gzg-l mailing list all,

Need some help from the number crunchers. Awhile back I tested a weapon
development idea in a number of my groups games. Whilst the mechanics
effect in game of the weapon seemed fine I wasn't too happy with my own
mathematical ability in regards to mass and costs. Any help or
would be greatly appreciated.

PSB: Particle Cannon.

Please bear in mind my group games in a non-canon setting around 5,000
or so from the present day. This is not a weapon intended for the
verse setting.

The particle cannon was the end result of an RSSF research and
programme into enhancing standard beam weapons. With the use of gravitic
lenses developed from gravitic drive technology, a particle beam is
into several pulses which are then projected at the intended target. The
pulses are more accurate, thanks to the gravitic lense, than standard
and as more energy is focused at a given point better able to punch
screens. On the other hand the pulses wastes more energy impacting on
targets hull and are not as efficient at inflicting penetrating damage
compared to a standard beam.


Particle cannon are classed as per beams, with identical range bands and
dice per range band.

The particle beam damage die is read in the same way as an attack
die, 1-2=0, 3-4=1dp, 5-6=2dp. There are NO RE-ROLLS on a natural score
of 6.

Against armour 1dp hits are soaked up by any available armour. 2 point
destroy one armour box, the other point is inflicted on the next armour
layer/hull as appropriate.

Vs Screens: (Not too sure if this is being handled correctly),
Level 1 screen, 1-3=0, 4=1dp, 5-6=2dp.
Level 2 screen, 1-3=0dp, 4-5= 1dp, 6 =2dp.

Particle cannon can be used against fighters, missiles, and PBL's using
anti-shipping mode fire. Class1 particle cannon do not get a PDS mode
not really seem necessary, or at the very least a little OTT),

Originally I used the same mass as regular beams given class and fire
and costed them at mass times 4. In play testing this felt fine but
given my
poor mathematical ability I can't but suspect they were a little on the
cheesy side.

If any one can help with the mass, costs, and screen interaction  dice
mechanics I would be very grateful.


Matt Tope.

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