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From: "Allan Goodall" <agoodall@h...>
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 00:03:31 -0500

On 4/23/06,
<> wrote:
> Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 11:36:07 +1000
> From: "Robertson, Brendan" <>

> Palladium/RIFTs wasn't too bad, but got a bit
> silly in places (PCs able to survive getting hit with tank main guns,

Palladium's house system was a bit weird. I remember doing a Teenage
Mutant Ninja Turtles post-apocalypse campaign... uh.... gosh, about 20
years ago. I remember lots of house rules.

> I have a bit of time atm, before I find out if I get several campaign
> positions (Ratik Triad for Living Greyhawk and Invisible King for
> Arcanis), so I might go back and clean up the rules set.  I need to
> things like MAJOR SUCCESS effects to the skill checks and similar

I'd offer to help playtest, but our RPG group is up to _here_ with
stuff as it is. We play two games once a month (currently _Delta
Green_ and _Nobilis_, and I GM both of them. I also do extensive
write-ups, which eats into my off hours. I've also got a one-shot
_Coyote Trail_ game to do for the July 1 weekend.

Also, I'd have to sit down and think about what kind of game I'd want
to run in a Tuffleyverse RPG. I'd probably do some sort of spy thing,
but that's a little too close to what we already do in DG, and it
requires a fair bit of "fleshing out" of the background. That's why I
suggested a wiki earlier in this thread. It would allow folks to
hammer down the neat details of the universe, the stuff beyond what's
covered in the miniature games.

Allan Goodall

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