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Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 16:23:23 +1200
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> Kurt Russell's movie "Soldier" covered issues like this.  I found
quite a
> few subtle references on the psychology and politics of this type of 
> thing.
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>> From: DOCAgren
>> Yep..
>> Part of the problem that I could see my "Vatgrown" was that
>> based on their "Force learning and laying the foundation of
>> their fanaticism towards the State was that they were Callous
>> towards everyone.. and We built-in a Shorten Lifespan and Sterile.
>> The problem, I wondering what to do with "rejects" from the
>> Vats.  I'm leaning towards not bringing anything with
>> "Physical Problems" to "full size", of course those mental
>> issue are harder to detect.

Also what do you do with a battalion of vat grown combat troopers when
are not at war? If they are visibly different from normal (say enhanced 
muscle grown, toughened epidermis, etc they can't ever fit into normal 
society unless its as forgiving as the Federation (who would be too
moral to 
make super solders anyway).

Even if the gene soldiers look like normal umans if they are force grown

from a vat and only given combat training they won't know the correct
to use and so will never fit into polite company.

So after each battle do you round up you super soldiers and then put
them in 
cryo storage until the next war or do you just let them wear out when
shortened lifespans come to an end?

The idea of either kidnapping children and brain washing and or
altering them (as in Soldier and Halo) or growing your own slave
out of a gene bank sounds like a very morally bankrupt vision of the

Futuristic warfare sounds bad enough without armies of genetic soldiers
AI warmachines turning the whole thing into a large scale video game.

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