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Re: Re: [GZG] Saieed Khalifate

From: "Brian Burger" <blurdesign@g...>
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 18:49:20 -0700
Subject: Re: Re: [GZG] Saieed Khalifate

Gzg-l mailing list 4/19/06, <> wrote:
> >Check out John Atkinson's site (which I think has moved) as he and I
> done some work on the SK, mostly force structures and troop
composition but
> John may have added more to it.
> John's site has moved to, um, well, my site, actually.
>  :
> "Saeed Kalifate (pending) --The bastard stepchildren of the
> so unsympathetic no one will take a crack at defining them even as an
> intellectual exercise. This is the beginnings of a collaboration Tony
> Wilkinson and I were doing based (oddly enough) on the Ottoman
military of
> the 1500s."
> But there's no content other than that (although there is plenty on
> the  NRE, for those who are interested in space-going Byzantines).

If we're going with the "IF are on the far side of Known Space, and have
fairly live-and-let-live attitude toward NI and the rest of the powers"
GZGverse, how about this for a bit of a backstory:

The IF underwent a massive internal revolt/Reformation/whatever sometime
the 2100s[1]; the SK is the old hardcore mullahs with
attitudes who got chucked out, while the actual IF is relatively more
liberal (for some value of "liberal") and has a much finer grasp of
realpolitik WRT the other powers.

Translated into basest possible terms: this IF would still have raving
nutters, but they don't run the *entire* show, and the SK has a much
percentage of raving
nutters...(the IF's real raving nutters would tend to defect to the SK,
It also lets the IF be something other than "Taliban in Space", which is
frankly more interesting...


[1] I don't have a GZG timeline in front of me, but this date would have
be post-destruction-of-Israel and pre-"now" in GZGverse terms. "The
seems vague enough to qualify for now...

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