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[GZG] Re: Re: Re: [FT] NAC campaign setup

From: David Billinghurst <davebill@c...>
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2006 23:09:48 +1200
Subject: [GZG] Re: Re: Re: [FT] NAC campaign setup

Gzg-l mailing list Nyrath,

That would be a most wonderful solution, thank you very much.

It's great to see that there is still so much interest in the maps you
have done, that the opportunity of an update has generated such a
discussion.  Hope you have some quiet time coming up to be able to get
it all done. :)

For my campaign, I've drawn heavily upon Indy's fleet lists for the ESU
forces of the Trans-Vega Sector (basically Mu and Eta Cassiopeiae, Wolf
46 and BD+56'2966 - the latter is more of a waystation on the long haul
back to Vega), though the Konstantin Class CVA stationed at Wolf 46 is
now in dry-dock for at least a year due to a major engine refit and has
been replaced on the active duty roster by two CVLs.

Admiral Anna Koslova, aboard SDN15 VKK Sevastyanov, has just arrived at
Eta Cassiopeia to take command of the Trans-Vega Sector, while 1st
Captain Teodor Andreyev, CH273 VKK Petropavlovsk, and Destroyer Flotilla
51 are holding the line against the Triangulii Separatists in the
BD+63'238 system.  Admiral Koslova has ordered the formation of a Task
Force to take out the Separatists once and for all.  I had envisioned a
climatic clash with an FSE Task Force in the D. Triangulii system, but
we may have an Islamic Federation incursion to contend with as well.

Darn, I'll just have to get those IF ships I've been eyeing up!  



>OK, here's the deal:

>The FSE is at the upper left of the map, in orange,
with the yellow bull head flag.  Right off of
BD+19*279 is Delta Trianguli, home of your separatists.

>Down at the middle bottom of the map is the red ESU, with
their frontier at Wolf 46.  The two links off of Wolf 46
are to BD+63*238 and BD+74*1047.

>Don't worry about BD+74*1047, it only leads to the
heart of the future location of the Islamic Republic.

>LTT 12827 is nearby to the left, in the middle of the
triangle of stars formed by ADS 7067, Pi(1) Ursae
Majoris, and BD+74*456.

>I am going to add three lines:
[1] One from your separatists at Delta Trianguli, weaving
in and out til it reaches LTT 12827.
[2] One from BD+63*238 to LTT 12827
[3] One from Wolf 46 to BD+74*456

>This should make LTT 12827 a major road block for
the ESU.

>Does this meet with your satisfaction?

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