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[GZG] [SG2] Ammo rules

From: "The Sutherlands" <nishawn@c...>
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 15:36:06 -0500
Subject: [GZG] [SG2] Ammo rules

Gzg-l mailing list all,

A friend and I are working on a conversion of SG2 to WW2.  We would like
have ammo as possible consideration.  Here is what I have so far.  Seems
work reasonably well.  Better quality troops dont run out of ammo as
fast as
greener troops and does not add to much extra stuff to the game play.

Critique and comments are much aprreciated.

Ok…  minimal bookkeeping ammo rules for SG2.

In one off games no need as everyone is fully supplied and ready to go.
This rule would only come into effect if a unit proceeds from one
to another with no chance for resupply or the scenario states that the
troops are in a poor supply situation.

There are 3 levels of low supply from 1 to 3.  If this is the second
game of
no supply the rating would be 1 and would increase by 1 for each game
until resupply is achieved.  Depending on the level of resupply it will
it from 1 to 3 points.

When rolling for attack if the quality die rolls the low supply number
someone in the squad has run out of ammo and may not fire until a
"resistribute ammo"  or "resupply" (reorganise) action has been
successfully.	 When rolling to determine who runs out of ammo roll
randomly amongst the figures firing in that action and the weapon that
trooper is using for that fire action is out of ammo.  Crew servicing
support weapons count the support weapon as out of ammo.

Redistribute Ammo - Conducted with a reorganise action. The threat level
successfully resupply is the current low supply number for the squad.
Troopers share ammo, scrape and scrounge for a few extra rounds.  Ammo
typically spread amongst the squad for all weapons used in the squad so
weapons will be resupplied.  Each time this is conducted the low supply
number increases by one whether the leadership check was successful or

Resupply Ammo - Conducted with a reorganise action.  Troopers receive
ammo.  No check is required.  A squad must receive one supply chit to
it's supply level by one.  Mutliple levels can be dropped in one action
enough supply chits are available.  A trooper can carry 1 supply chit
counts as encumbered.  2 supply chits takes up one cargo space in a


-  If you want to have ammo a concern in the first scenario you can have
squad move to a low supply of 1 when any 2 dice are a one when rolling

Conserve ammo - Reduce all firepower dice by one level and for that
only the supply number is reduced by one.

Throwing Lead - Increase the firepower by one level but the supply
number is
increased by 2 for each die increased for that attack only.


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