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Re: [GZG] conversion questions

From: "john tailby" <John_Tailby@x...>
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2005 19:54:54 +1300
Subject: Re: [GZG] conversion questions

>>> so, it seems that opinion is that even a pulsar 'stuck' in one mode
> still allowed its
>>> PDS ability is a MASSX5 weapon, or MASSX4?
> A Pulser, either C, M or L is worth MassX5.  The ability to switch
> not
> change this cost.  When they were first created for the Phalons, it
> decided to let the player decide how exactly to set up the weapons as
> all cost the same, it would not matter.
> A Pulser without the PDS ability is worth MassX4
> Dean Gundberg

I'm not sure that the flexibility to configure the pulsars between games

isn't worth points.

If you were playing Phalon based technology you can keep your opponent 
guessing as to your tactics.

Suppose you have a cruiser with 5 pulsar batteries, the same ship could 
either be a 30 dice assault monster or a 5 dice skirmishing sniper. 
Completely different tactics for your opponent to counter.

In a recent campaign I played in I build a super dreadnought with 21
batteries. In one game I configured it for close assault and dished out
beam dice in one go. The next battle I configured my fleet for long
and shot up my opponent from long range outside his missile trap he was 
planning to spring when I rushed into 12MU range. Because you can
before the game your opponent has to try and guess what you are going to
rather than knowing how your weapons are configured. That's even after
opponent has seen that class of ship before.

If you take the PDS option away from fixed configuration they compare 
unfavourably with beams apart from the discount to get only limited

But it's down to the individual group to design and play with their own 
weapons and how they want to evolve their game and it's quite possible
different play testing and gaming will produce different experiences.


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