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[GZG] Re: [FT] Vectoring Kra'Vak

From: David Billinghurst <davebill@c...>
Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2005 23:48:37 +1300
Subject: [GZG] Re: [FT] Vectoring Kra'Vak

Thanks for the comments Laserlight and Oerjan.

Interesting that the thought is turning back to a movement point per 60
degree turn - isn't this how it was in the original FT rules?

> If you try that,
> please give us an After Action Report.

It will be my pleasure, my Christmas present is a KV starter pack with
destroyers, fighters and a couple of capitals thrown in.  The plan is to
have them assembled and undercoated at the very least by early new year!

> From: Oerjan Ariander <>
> To put it in a different way: in FB2 Vector a single thrust point is
> to rotate your ship into any facing you want, so even a thrust-2 ESU
> superdreadnought has as easy a time keeping targets in its (F) arc as
> thrust-6A Kra'Vak cruiser - and the ESU ship pays proportionally far
> for its thrust-2 main drive than the KV ship does.

Hmm, I see your point.	In theory the KVs then have to double team the
and split its Fire Arc, the unengaged one nipping in for a close range
punch?	Having said that, the SDN may be able to flip around to stop a
up the draws. but it will now be facing the wrong way to accelerate or
station keep.  I guess heavy ESU ships (and NSL units for that matter)
go into engagements at low velocity, otherwise if they're rotating to
engage, they'll just delta V off the table unless they sacrifice
for manoeuver.	BTW are there SSDs for the new ESU SDN and Carrier?

> Against the *Fleet Book 1* ships (which are designed for Cinematic
> movement) Kra'Vak do OK in FB2 Vector, because while the KV waste a
lot of
> points on their *main drives* (which don't buy them any real advantage
> Vector) the FB1 human ships waste a lot of points on *wide fire arcs*
> (which also aren't very useful in Vector).

I would have thought that wide fire arcs would be of very much use in
Vector - you're options to manoeuver are more open as you don't have to
pointing directly at your target to shoot.  This is the balance of the
narrow arc/move in any direction at full thrust.  Or am I missing

> OTOH, human-tech ships which are specifically designed for Vector
> tend to slaughter Kra'Vak pretty badly :-/

How would these ships differ from the FB1 ships?  I haven't designed
ships of my own to have tried all the tricks.

Roll on Christmas and a happy and safe new year to you all.



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