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From: Jerry Cantrill <jwcantrill@e...>
Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2005 03:57:11 -0500
Subject: Re: [GZG] [FT] Vectoring Kra'Vak

Though I have not tried the proposed costing 60 degree rotates at one
maneuver point each. I think it may be a good idea. This past ECC, I was
in a vector game of 3 BBs vs. 2 BBs and a couple of CLs. Though a good
game (thanks to my opponent on an excellently played win), it felt to me
more like a fighter dogfight than big guns slugging it out. It was all
tight maneuvering with no ship traveling outside a speed range of 8-12
MUs and all ships having firing resolutions in their Fore arcs at short
range every turn. I know that if I could not have been able to rotate my
big ships around as fast as that, I would have had to put more thought
into my movement orders. I am sure that the battle would have been far
different, more sweeping turns and driving back toward the target. The 6
TP DDs and CLs can still do the "dogfighting" if they want, but the 2 TP
SDNs should take a couple or three turns to do an 180.

laserlight wrote:

>>My reading of the rules, in particular the FB 2 mods to
>>Vector Movement, would indicate that they would be
>>slightly more handy than Hu'man ships, not having to point
>>the ship to use Main Drives to change course, but the
>>narrow firing arcs for the K-Guns would necessitate using
>>points out of the manoeuver pool to keep tweeking the
>>heading to bring guns to bear.  
> KV have an easy time keeping putting targets in their F arc,
> but they have a hard time staying out of opponents' F arc.
> I'd say that KV (and otehr high-maneuverability designs) are
> less powerful in vector than they are in cinematic.
> To fix that, it has been proposed for FT3 that a maneuver
> point in vector will only let you turn you 60 degrees
> instead of unlimited amounts--so if your target is behind
> you, you'd have to use 3 points to turn to face instead of
> the 1pt you'd use with the current system. If you try that,
> please give us an After Action Report.
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