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Re: [GZG] [DSII] Precision Strike

From: Ryan Gill <rmgill@m...>
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2005 15:30:08 -0400
Subject: Re: [GZG] [DSII] Precision Strike

At 3:16 PM +0200 7/31/05, John Atkinson wrote:
>Seriously revamp capacity costs for ADS.  I mean, you can put six
>Surface Launcher AMRAAMs on a HMMWV.  You also need another vehicle
>for the radar and another for the fire control center, but each radar
>and FC center can handle a half-dozen launcher vehicles.

How about the Missile Air Defense system I 
proposed a while back? Admittedly I never 
playtested it, so I don't know if the numbers 
work out balance wise...

There are several systems in modern use that 
engage aircraft on a tactical scale of the 
battle. Not to be confused with theatre air 
defense systems that reach 20+ miles like 
Patriot, SM2 or SA-6, these systems are employed 
closer to the FEBA (Forward Edge of Battle Area). 
Think of a mobile Hawk System, Rapier or SA-6 for 
the modern equivalent of a MAD.

Missile Air Defense Systems (MADS) work similar 
to the local air defense systems. In that they 
engage any VTOL or aerospace fighter that comes 
within their range. They are not however 
effective at firing at smaller targets like 

MADS of course have a much longer range, 120" if 
you play on really big tables and want a finite 
range, otherwise assume the table top. 
Effectively they can engage any aircraft that 
enters the area of the table that isn't down in 
the "weeds". VTOL's in low mode are not valid 

A MADS takes quite a bit of room. They require a 
search radar, tracking/guidance radar emitters 
and the missiles themselves. They are thus bulky 
and require multiple units to move around. A MADS 
system may be divided among multiple vehicles. 
One vehicle will carry the search radar set 
another can carry the missile launchers/guidance 
set. Multiple Launcher units may be slaved off of 
a single Search Radar.

MADS combat works very much like ADS. Follow the 
rules for the ADS as far as all questions of 
resolving the activation as for the reaction roll 
of the aircraft in question and the opposed die 

Each MADS Sensor element may support a finite 
number of MADS Launcher elements in a given 
engagement.  Basic Sensor elements may support 
two Launcher elements, Enhanced may support 
three, Superior may support four. A MADS unit may 
make as many engagements per turn as long as its 
sensors are still operating. Only one Sensor 
element may be active for a given set of Launcher 
elements. If it is destroyed by ARM fire, the 
MADS unit may switch over to an alternate Sensor 
element if available.

Each MADS Launcher element may launch one 
missile. When resolving an engagement between a 
MADS unit and a group of aircraft, place one 
missile counter per MADS launcher available.

Aerospace craft and VTOLS may carry a PDS (at 
normal costs) like a normal vehicle for defense 
against a MADS. They are essentially active 
counter-measures like flares, chaff, decoys and 
similar systems used by aircraft. ECM works as 
well as a counter measure.

A MADS's search and tracking radars emit 
radiation just like an ADS. Thus each elements' 
signatures are effectively 1 larger and 
Stealth/ECM systems are ineffective. The sensors 
may, however, be "turned off/on" during an 
opportunity fire activation as a response to an 
ARM being fired at it or an aircraft making a 
move. The "off/on" activation may only occur once 
per turn and counts as the unit's activation. 
Once off, the sensors may not be turned back on 
until the next turn and vice versa. The MADS unit 
may turn on its sensors as a normal activation 
and engage aircraft normally from then out. Note 
that a MADS unit may still be targeted by an ARM 
(Anti Radiation Missile) when shut down as a 
response to an ARM fire, it is just much harder 
to hit (see below under the section regarding 

A MADS unit (The Sensor element and the 
associated Launchers) may not fire on the move. 
The collective unit may move _or_ fire, not both. 
Generally these systems need to fire from a 
steady location and need to be at least halted in 
order to work reliably, if not set up in a dug-in 

An example combat would work like this:  An 
Enhanced MADS unit is deployed in the rear area 
of the battle, it has one Sensor element and two 
Launcher elements. The opposing player activates 
a pair of aerospace fighters. The MADS system 
detects the aircraft as they enter the board and 
the aerospace fighters roll their reaction test 
to continue the attack. If they continue the 
attack then the MADS system may launch one 
missile per Launcher element. Thus the MADS unit 
launches two missiles at the intruding aircraft. 
An opposed die roll is made between the targeted 
aircraft's ECM die and PDS die vs the MADS's die. 
If the aircraft survive then they may continue 
their attack as normal. Most likely they will 
plaster the MADS system with DFO.

The units involved in the MADS battery may be up 
to 6" of each other when emplaced, otherwise the 
must be within 2" when under normal movement.

Damage Vality:
MADS work just like regular ADS's as far as damage validity.

MADS have the range of the entire table (120" for big tables)

Points Cost: (no mixing of types)
Basic MADS Sensor: 200 and 5 VSP
Enhanced MADS Sensor: 300 and 10 VSP
Superior MADS Sensor: 400 and 15 VSP
Basic MADS Launcher: 200 and 5 VSP
Enhanced MADS Launcher: 300 and 5 VSP
Superior MADS Launcher: 400 and 15 VSP

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