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Re: [GZG] [DSII] Precision Strike

From: John Atkinson <johnmatkinson@g...>
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2005 08:11:52 +0200
Subject: Re: [GZG] [DSII] Precision Strike

On 7/31/05, John K. Lerchey <> wrote:
> Also, keep in mind that killer UAVs won't always hit - they can be
> down on the way by overwatch or ADS.

It makes the ADS environment a much more important factor in the game.
 In fact, that's one thing I'd like to see in DSIII--an Air Defense
environment like in SGII which abstracts the effects of air
superiority and theater air defense systems.  After all, a task force
commander would have absolutely zero control over air superiority
fighters or Patriot batteries, but they would affect his battlespace.

> In order to make them "kamikazi" units, I would make sure that they
> well within their own DFO blast zone, like, put them as close to
landed as
> you can, then drop.  That way they kill themselves in the process, as
> happen with the unit they're based on. :)

Well, I gave them an artillery marker with no way to deliver
it--didn't buy the artillery system.  So then they just smack into the

Although simulating a 20kg shaped charge should probably be a
seven-chit draw with GMS validity.  :)

"Thousands of Sarmatians, Thousands of Franks, we've slain them again
and again.  We're looking for thousands of Persians."
--Vita Aureliani

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