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From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 15:39:20 +0100

Hi all,
It's Sale Time again - I've just asked Paul to upload the following 
to the GZG store as soon as he gets the chance, but all those of you 
on the list can get a head-start if you want - although the Sale 
doesn't "officially" start until Aug 1st (Monday), if anyone wants to 
place an order before then and mentions the Summer Sale in the 
comments box, we'll apply the discounts.
Please note that this will be our last "general" sale offer (ie: 
discounts across all our ranges) for the rest of this year - so don't 
miss your chance.
The sooner you order, the quicker you'll have the stuff with you and 
the sooner you can start painting! Go on - you KNOW you really need 
that new fleet or company, so get it NOW - "By Grabthar's Hammer, 
What a Great Savings...."  :-)




For orders placed during AUGUST 2005, if you mention the SUMMER SALE 
in the "comments" field we will deduct the following DISCOUNTS from 
your total order value:

Orders for over 50 GBP worth of GZG products will get a 10% discount!

Orders for over 100 GBP worth of GZG products will get a 15% discount!

Orders for over 150 GBP worth of GZG products will get a huge 20%

As always, these offers have to be subject to just a few notes, terms 
and conditions:

1) The "order value" for purposes of determining discount level will 
be  taken as the full listed UK retail price of the items, before any 
deduction for VAT. The automated confirmation sent to you when you 
place your order will list the full retail prices - we will apply the 
sale discounts manually at time of processing.
2) The discount offers apply only to products actually made or 
published by GZG - they exclude the few items that we buy in from 
other manufacturers, specifically the Star Mats, FT Decals, DLD kits 
and third-party rulebooks such as the Hammer's Slammers book and the 
Power Projection rules.
3) These discount offers may not be combined with any club or society 
discounts, coupons or other special offers.
4) All items and goods are offered subject to availability.

Please remember that if your order is to be shipped to anywhere 
outside the EU, we will deduct the VAT (where applicable) from the 
cost of the goods, IN ADDITION to the discounts we are offering under 
the Summer Sale!
The effect of this is that instead of just being worth a 10%, 15% or 
20% saving to you, the respective REAL savings are almost 24%, 28% 
and 33%! So, with a suitably large order you can actually save 
yourself around ONE THIRD of the regular retail price!!
On top of all this, the steady recovery of the US dollar (and several 
other currencies) against the GB Pound means that, with our policy of 
charging by current exchange rates (via credit-card payments) instead 
of having fixed US dollar prices, our prices are getting LOWER for 
you in real terms, even before the discounts are applied.

Oh, and YES, you CAN apply the Summer Sale offers to any of our 
regular "special" pack deals such as the starter sets, megafleets and 
platoon packs - getting you even MORE value!

There hasn't been a better time for you to order - take advantage 
now, get together with your friends to put in a larger order and get 
an even better discount rate - who needs to be out in that nasty 
burning sun anyhow, you're much better off safely indoors painting 

Happy Summer Gaming,

Jon (GZG)
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