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[GZG] Re: Power Projection

From: Dom Mooney <cybergoths@d...>
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 23:31:06 +0100
Subject: [GZG] Re: Power Projection

On 13 Jul 2005, at 22:15, Roger Books wrote:

> So is there an appropriate forum for discussing PP?

Traveller_FullThrust at YahooGroups

>  Anyone know what happened to the book statting out GZG  minis
>  for PP?

It's still progressing, albeit slowly. Currently assembling and 
painting the minis for the photos in the book now Jon has kindly passed 
them on to me. Unfortunately, real life work is eating too much time at 
the moment (the perils of being promoted at work).

>  Anyone have a better method forr determining hull boxes?  A
>  100 KdT ship has 100 hull, a 150 KdT ship has 75.  A bit broken.

Not broken at all; I think you have misunderstood how the conversion 

0-10,000 dT gets 1 box per 500dT
10,000 to 100,000 gets 1 box per 1,000dT
100,000 + gets 1 box per 2,000dT

These are summed as a composite - boxes under 10kdt + boxes under 
100kdT plus boxes over 100kdT.

Thus a 100,000dT ship has 20 boxes for the element up to 10,000dT, and 
then a further 90 boxes for the element up to 100,000 dT. This gives 
110 boxes, which would split 28/28/27/27/kill

The 150,000 dT ship has 20 boxes (for the element to 10,000 dT), 
another 90 boxes (up to 100kdT), then another 25 boxes for the 
remainder until 150kdT. Thus, it has a total of 135 boxes.

If you read the example that illustrates the conversion for hull 
tonnage on p56 it gives a further example of a ship that straddles the 
first two bands.

The scale is a progressive one so that the smaller ships aren't stupid 
small, and the bigger ships aren't stupid big. It levels the 
playability without grossly skewing the ship performance.


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