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RE: move and fire problem

From: "Michael Brown" <mwsaber@c...>
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2005 09:59:17 -0700
Subject: RE: move and fire problem

Doug, you are posting in HTML.

Possible solution:  All fire is at Mid-point.

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Subject: Re: move and fire problem

> Guys, PLEASE don't post in HTML / RTF --all messages to the list
> should be Plain Text only.

PLEASE let me know directly, or at least by name, if I violate this. I
I've occasionally, sometimes in reply, picked up some bad setting in the
past without even realizing it. 

Thanks, Chris! 

> >The only potential method would be to include firing in movement and
> not as a seperate action.
> That's a pain if you're using a plain tabletop (ie not a hex grid) and
> simultaneous movement... 

You can get by in cine with everyone putting down their rulers along the
path for the first part of the move, and trying a shot, at say, a
quarter of
the way. A ship moving 8" would be a quarter of the 4" of that first
part of
the move, or 2" from the start. A ship moving 6" would be 1.5". Now, if
want to constantly check for the OPTIMUM point on the path, there may be
way to work it out, but higher mathematics would seem to be involved.
Especially if you put arcs in. 

Add the complexity of keeping track of which weapons fired, and maybe
initiative, and I'm singing 'let's call the whole thing off'. Optional
mid-course firing, with simultaneous damage and all firing at the same
in the movement sounds a worthy compromise. 


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