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Re: move and fire problem

From: "Adrian" <al.ll@t...>
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2005 16:57:56 +0100
Subject: Re: move and fire problem

The only potential method would be to include firing in movement and not
as a seperate action.  The present system is "move" and then "fire" on a
ship by ship (or squadron by squadron for those using that house rule)
basis.	 My thought is that you could move and fire at any point in that
move ie 
1. move a bit
2. fire 
3. move a bit more
4. fire something else (for those weapons that couldn't in 2 and
remembering that no weapon can fire twice in a turn) 
5. move the rest of your move.

Note that movement distance is compulsory as the FT rules state.

This would allow for those cinematic epics where ships pass through
enemy formations firing as they go.

The advantage is that combat would be more "realistic" but the
disadvantage is that it might make the rules more complicated (possibly
- since your doing what you normally do but at a different time there
are no new rules to learn, just old ones to use differently).

I have no problem with fire arc restrictions or even 3d movement (in
theory any way - in practice 3d movement is headache inducing).  I PSB
the 3d (to myself anyway) by saying that since movement IS 3d then the
ships will put themselves where they need to be to do what they need to
do.  If two ships are at range band 2 from a target then its immaterial
wether either of them are above, below, etc or that either of them are
even on the same facing of the target.

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