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Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2005 16:05:29 EDT
Subject: Re: [FT] FB3 ships, was Re: Official Japanese ships??

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Anywho	with the "mecha" style fighters available to the IJN a small
loud) part  of me wants to see IJN ships throwing missles as if they
were grass  


I toyed with the thought of missiles and decided sense GZG made mecha  
fighters as miniatures for the IJN, to make the mecha fighters their
primary  tool. 
So I went with Pulse torps instead. My designs are based lightly on WWII
philosophy of the Japanese. They didnt use many missiles at all, but had
THE  best 
torpedoes on WWII. So I took that and ran with it. Something that cant
knocked down by fighters or PDS, and also not affected me screens like
weapons. Keeping to the basic technology sense Mecha fighters are nasty
I did not like the animation approach to the design of the IJN ships. I
with ER salvos and normal salvoes but didnt like how they came out. If
start  equipping all ships with missiles, then why are there beam
weapons in the 
game?  NAC use missiles and beam, ESU have one ship that uses missiles
and of 
course	the French Fry people (FSE) use exclusive missiles. 
Besides, I looked at the things NAC, ESU, NSL and FSE had going for
Maybe I am the only that noticed this, maybe not.  But anyway. The FSE
engines and missiles, the ESU love tougher hulls and screens, the NAC
like speed  
and vassortment of weapons, and the NSL love their armor and beams.. So
took something that the others rarely use, Pulse Torps and let the IJn
use those 
 as a main stay of fire power. Usine cruisers as fodder to protect the 
capitals.  And es, the caps have ADFC for the same reason the escorts
do. I cant see 
 letting a DD eat 3 salvos if other ships close by can assist in
it.  Remember, an escort ship is only as good as long as it is alive...
So keep 
them  alive....
Another approach I did was going heavy in fighters. The CVA sports 10
squads compared ti the FSE 7 squads, the CVL has 5 squads to the others
squads, and the CVE uses 3 squads...   I dont have the BDN using 
fighters or the 
SDN. Given the fact all the ADFC being used, I didnt see a point  to
fighters to a BDN as a screen.. 

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