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Re: ScanFed & whither Sean?

From: Tony Francis <tony@b...>
Date: Wed, 06 Jul 2005 18:18:41 +0100
Subject: Re: ScanFed & whither Sean?

We're still producing the one and only Swiss destroyer (the Feldkirch) 
and I have plans to make a couple more in a similar vein although these,

like many other things, remain as just plans at the moment. I'm wasn't 
aware of any intent to make the model a surrogate ScanFed - it's sold as

seen. We even did a little research into the Swiss to work up a 
background for them although it didn't really get anywhere. I haven't 
heard from Schoon for a long time.

Tony wrote:

>I've been painting 15mm ScanFed lately, and while my mind wanders I go
into "exceptionally anal completeist mode" ....hmmm, be cool to have
some ScanFed ships. 
>After poking around on the web a bit, Sean Bayan Schoonmaker's
fingerprints seem to be all over ScanFed. He was doing the masters for
Brigades "Swiss Confederation" ships (which I assume were intended as
not-ScanFed), of which one of three is actually available. He hasn't
posted to the list since early 04. Anyone know what happened to the
father of ScanFed? Anyone know of any plans to extend the Swiss
Confederation line? I have several of the existing destroyer and think
they're just spiff. 
>Martin Connell

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