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From: "B Lin" <lin@r...>
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 11:02:49 -0700
Subject: RE: [VV] Vectorverse FTL

That also assumes that a Jumpgate is always "on".  If a gate is merely a
large focusing device for a massive amount of energy to create an
artificial wormhole, then the defenders simply leave the gate powered
down, essentially "locking" the door, unless someone tries to force it
from the other end, in which case you have plenty of warning.  This is
especially true if Jumpgates have to be used in pairs, as then both ends
would have to be powered up for use.


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I said: 
> Depends on how big the entrance loci are.  A gate radius of10km that
> can only accept one ship at a time would be too easy to defend.  A
> radius 1,000,000km gate would be a different story.

Grant said:
>   Hmm, I don't know how defendable *any* gate would really be.  The
on the other side can just push through large bundles of seeker missiles
and emp

Assumes that these are FTL-capable, and that there is no/little lag time
between jump transit and being able to acquire a target.  And that the
defense doesn't have its own "through the wormhole" weapons.

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