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Re: Platoon Ldr and Sgt in SG2

From: J L Hilal <jlhilal@y...>
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2005 09:49:19 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: Platoon Ldr and Sgt in SG2

--- Allan Goodall <> wrote:

> I was wondering if anyone had played around with Platoon Leaders and 
> Platoon Sergeants in SG2 to replicate realistic platoon formations.
> I've been reading the U.S. Army's Rifle Platoon and Squad manual 

You can find the manuals for the new Stryker organizations at the Army
Digital Training Document Library
SBCT Platoon and Squad:
note that the 4 strykers have capacity for 44 persons and the platoon
has 46 members	:)
SBCT Company:
SBCT Battalion:
the same 7-8 manual as at GlobalSecurity:
and the new M2A3 Mech Infantry Platoon and Squad manual:
others can be found through the search engine:
the Armor branch and some Artillery branch manuals are restricted but
the Infantry and some of the Cavalry ones are unclassified.
Many are available as both html and pdf if you want to save a copy and
have a high speed connection (20,000-60,000k each pdf), just click on
the yellow circle with the down-pointing arrow

> I see that, according to this model, the Platoon Leader and the
> Platoon Sergeant are often physically separated from each other.
> They are almost like two command squads for the same platoon. SG2,
> of course, has these two functions in one unit.
> I was wondering if anyone has tried to model this. 


> 3. Model them as two command units for the platoon, each with the 
> ability to transfer up to two actions.

but we play with fireteams rather than squads and each support weapon
team as a seperate unit, so that the 3x rifle squads and 1x weap squad
(in light/ranger/abn/stryker) are 6 rifle teams and 2-4 weapon teams
(and USMC units would have 9 rifle teams).  Platoon medic and FO are
also seperate units.  So there are a lot of SG2 "units" and the command
reactivations are diluted.

Special rule for Platoon Sergeant (PSgt):
When activating units within the platoon the PSgt counts as the same
command level as the PL for the communications roll, but when
communicating with higher command (such as requesting company or
battalion mortars) the PSgt counts as 1 level below the PL.


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