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Re: [SGII] Fire of AT Missiles at disperesed tagets

From: J L Hilal <jlhilal@y...>
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2005 08:58:28 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: [SGII] Fire of AT Missiles at disperesed tagets

--- Oerjan Ohlson <> wrote:
> It isn't enough - that is to say, the "lethal radius" is too small -
> to be consistently useful against dispersed targets
> Pretty much any SGII squad not inside a vehicle or building, even
> if all the figures are in base-to-base contact, is effectively a 
> dispersed target since each figure's base is some 5 - 10 meters 
> across in the SGII ground scale.

I think this is probably the most important pont in this thread and it
got lost in the noise of the other arguements.

Instead of (or in addition to) requiring a model to fail a reaction
check in order to fire a GMS at a infantry target, I would also suggest
that any such fire be against a single model, not a whole unit.  If it
hits, it will probably kill the target, but it has no chance of getting
several squad members and it will either hit or miss, no suppressions
without casualties.

The target should get a pretty big die to roll because (pick all that
you like):
a) it's small; a human-sized target is a lot maller than a size-1
vehicle (assuming S:1 = jeep or Humvee), whether it's in PA or UPA.
b) the missile has a hard time tracking a person by image/IR/whatever,
even in a SF setting.
c) contemporary military is starting to protect against IR and
low-light  detection.  Such will be more avanced in 100y, 2000y, or
whatever time.
d) lots of sci-fi settings have even unpowered high tech troops
equipped with all sorts of ECM, sensors, and stealth that is not
represented in SG2.

The GMS might get some penalties to its die roll because of small targt
or pushing the capabilities of sensor or homing software.

I vs. A should probably get some bonus for the GMS (like maybed double
the I) to reflect the high likelyhood of a kill in the unlikely
possibility of a hit.

Using this, you can discourage players from firing GMS at infantry
without arbitrarily banning it.


PS  for those tuneable phasers, you can say that the "stun" setting is
rapid fire or area effect, thus fires at dispersed target RAW; and the
"anti-armor" setting is slow firing or narrow beam, thus individual
target only.

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