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RE: [VV] Vectorverse (Long)

From: Rrok Anroll <coldnovemberrain_2000@y...>
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 01:04:16 -0800 (PST)
Subject: RE: [VV] Vectorverse (Long)

--- "Robertson, Brendan" <> wrote:
> FTL Travel: 

I'd like to say we use a combination of these... to represent varying
levels of tech somewhat... I'd say really backwater planets would use
natural phenomena for FTL travel... say using wormholes and the such...
the compensation would be really accurate nav comps in relation to
wormholes.. such navies might also have stronger hulls...

More advanced groups might use a series of jumpgates... now here's
where I get a little preachy... I've felt that the whole "network of
stargates left behind by an ancient civilization" thing is to thin to
believe... I'd rather go with the idea that the jumpgate network was
initially established by say, some of the older nations.. then, as
their tech evolved, they didn't need the gate network anymore... but it
was left in place for the poorer nations... this just feels more
plausible... and prevents that whole "mystic race" crap... it also
helps to tie things together and could make for some interesting
storylines... say with these nations that FTL drives might only take 5%
instead of 10%... or that because they're so far behind they still take
the 10%, but can't FTL from anywhere other than the edge of the

And finally, the more advanced nations could have fully capability FTL
drives, not requiring jump gates or wormholes or anything... they can
just jump to FTL on their own...

> N-Space Travel: Vector

> Colonisation method: Well... again I'd say this needs to be left
variable... with the method being according to the nation tech level
and resources... more backwater nations might use sleepr- & generation
ships, while more advanced nations might use FTL colony barges or
something... saving the sleeper- & generational ships in their
inventory for long-range colonies or even as something to sell to
lesser nations..

> Galactic Economy: This one I'd say should be semi-variable as well...
this allows for nations to trade however they prefer... again referring
to the backwater nations where barter and trade of materials and
resources may be better than trying to compete in a currency-based

> What is the imperative for expansion: Now this I really think needs
to be based on the individual nations... for some it might be conquest,
for others it might be population issues... heck some nations may just
need 7-11's and Wawa's while they're out sight-seeing the cosmos....

> What level of automation will starships have: This I'd say, once
again, goes back to the level of the individual nations...

Remember, even light is shaped by the darkness that surrounds it, and
the true crafters are seldom ever seen. Welcome to the shadows kid.

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