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Re: [FH] Vectorverse was Re: NAC - American style

From: Adrian Johnson <adrian@s...>
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 03:05:47 -0500
Subject: Re: [FH] Vectorverse was Re: NAC - American style

Laserlight spaketh:

>Let's postulate a few high tech First Tier powers, competing with each
>other for access to one or more lower-tech Second Tier powers.
>Analogous situations would be the English, French, and Dutch trying to
>get past the Spanish navy to the Americas ca 1660; or England, France,
>Portugal, and Denmark trying to open ports in India ca 1770; or
>England, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Osmani Sultanate, etc grabbing parts
>of Africa ca 1880.

Might I suggest that before you start creating individual powers, you
some kind of consensus on a general theme.

So far, Laserlight has suggested Vector-only, No Earch, with a
European-Colonial-Era-ish flavour.

(His first example is somewhat difficult, however.  The Europeans of the
1660's had magic/sci-fi level technology relative to the
population of the Americas.  In a sci-fi setting, that level of
might be interesting, but not for the second tier powers...)  But that
really besides the point.  The "flavour" is perfectly good.  How about

What about Reconquista Spain?  European hungry growing power fighting
against technologically equal/superior but fading Moors;  the "Moorish"
analogue could have a fading empire with some "top notch" technology,
that in moderate numbers, backed up by lower-tech "slave" forces (ah-la
Janissary forces of the... who had them?  The Ottoman empire? Was it
Eastern Romans?).  The "European" analogue might have lower tech, but
greater numbers and convictions.  Or something.  :)

Anyway, I think it might be easier to put together a "general overview"
rather than jumping in to starting individual powers, and trying to come
with how they fit together later.

Also, how are you going to mediate conflict between the powers?  I don't
mean that we're not quite capable of having a good discussion to work
the details, but if someone wants *their* power Y to have a good fight
victory over X, but there is another person championing X who doesn't
that, we get spirited debate.  That might be a good thing :)  Certainly
spirited debate can drive creativity.  But the alternative seems to me
be either everyone makes up their own "conflict" powers (so you're not
creating one, but several), or perhaps there is some kind of mediation
process.  Or something.

Maybe creative group discussion will just work it all out!

Ok, my $0.02.  It's late and my poor little mind isn't coming up with a
bunch of creative suggestions for how to resolve this, if it is even a




Adrian Johnson


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