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Re: [FH] Pirates

From: Doug Evans <devans@n...>
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2005 07:59:19 -0600
Subject: Re: [FH] Pirates

>Some not-very-well-publicised current events that may inspire

True, though I've heard the same lament on a few US TV 'magazines' (60
Minutes?, Dateline?, Frontline?). The weird thing is that the stories
heard make it sound like a smash-and-grab operation, though on
quite large targets.

Almost more an urban SGII (or, the innards of the ship makes one think
'Necromunda') rather than FTII.

Of course, you COULD work up something with courier-sized boats
to 'dock' with a large, slow, unarmed transport. It could be an almost a
non-violent FTII scenerio.

As another media aside, I seem to recall both the book and movie made
it, The Island, though PR touted as pointing out a serious problem, were
decried by experts as having just the opposite effect. ;->=


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