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[FH] Breaking News - Alien voices

From: <Beth.Fulton@c...>
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2005 17:10:45 +1100
Subject: [FH] Breaking News - Alien voices

Krak Broadcast Anti-Human Propaganda

New Guardian Times, London, January 7th 2194

Listening posts across Sol detected a broad-span burst at 11:07pm GMT
last night. Ftel-pods from other contested systems that have arrived
through the small hours today confirm the same message, in the Kra'Vak
tongue, was heard in every system the Kra'Vak have attacked.

Yu'Zan Xia'Zan Lo | sho's vas don'zah | Kra'Vak lau zuk don'an xia'fau |
Kra'Vakah runa a'Anoes | ros'xau kra'vakn lau ko | Kaa'Tok va toa
kra'vakn tis'anoau lo'dol roek ra'ano's rux sus toaz Ro'kah s'v Zna | de
s'uk una deto de krs'au de kr'uk s'uk Lo'z | de sis lo'vav vas'uk |
kra'vakn lau ko sha'zok Kr' Lo'X siau | kra'vakn lau kou kra'vakn zuk
yuna yuva sua'lau | kra'vakn lau deto'lah rus'zok yusva voah'o den suv
deto de'o den va'vah de deto'lah'u ton lo'vav'es | lauf Anoes kra'vakn
voah deto'lah lo'dol ton kra'vakn sil ton yu'lau of kra'vakn'at tos'l |
Suf kra'vakn'au, toa'vat Koi'Zah Kra'Vak'Zan | O'fau Yu'Zan yun kra'vakn
van'x |

Many amateur broadscan listeners believed this to be some kind of
military signal for final attack. This is highly unlikely as there has
been no new movements since the signal and a UN spokesman have
corroborated statements from within the NAC defence forces that it
appeared to have little military content and is more likely some kind of
propaganda statement. The translation that we have obtained is
incomplete, no nation yet admits to being able to fully transliterate
Kra'Vak. On hearing even the parts of the message that have been
translated it is an obvious attempt to stir the Kra'Vak to even worse
atrocities and to swage their guilty consciences.

<??> We must honour (sisters?) passing and reinvigorate ourselves in the
cleansing of the (Human?) Lands. It is clear what we <now?> do. These
<ghoulish?> <emotionless?> beings do not know how to kill. They are
ignorant and without <honour?>. <??>. We must <??> take them to the
infinite void. <??> then with (human?/their?) land free <for?> us, we
<take?> control <??>. Renew your efforts, seek more killing <??>. May
<we?> reign <divinely?>.

Not one person I have spoken to has been gripped by anything but rage on
hearing this alien slander. The words of one young vid-tech concisely
summarises the feelings of us all. "If they want more killing, we'll
just have to oblige them." 


Authors note: I have my own ideas about what the Kra'Vak culture is like
and what their motivations are. These ideas probably don't match anybody
else's ideas (though I'm grateful to the listers who've discussed them
with me and added to them over the last few years). I didn't include
these ideas in so many words in the fiction because future history can
be a bone of contention (as we see from the latest very good alternative
take on the timeline). Understanding what drives the Kra'Vak isn't
critical as far as the campaign goes; it is just a side thing of mine
because it makes it easier for me to write if both sides are fully
formed and because I like dabbling in how we could mess up and how we
can slant things. If anyone is interested in my version of Kra'Vak
culture and that angle of all this, the actual direct translation is
given below.



>>>>>>>>>>> Translation <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The Great Queen Mother, Queen of all queens is dead. She has been torn
and is gone from us with glory. We must honour her passing and
reinvigorate ourselves in the cleansing of the Birthing Lands. It is
clear what we must do. These spectres so much like our stillborn plague
deformed foetuses have obviously never felt the thrill of Ro'kah or the
joy of final release. They known not how to release their fallen and
they mix clan with clan with no knowledge of true order. They are
trapped for eternity in ignorance. We must do what the books of gods
instruct. We must commit ourselves with honour and our deepest feelings
and show the greatest compassion. We must free these poorest of souls
from their pain and release them from their terrors so they will be free
to leave for the infinite void. Only then with the land of our young
souls free will the plague leave us, our wandering cease and control of
our lives return. Renew your efforts, seek an end to sorrow and venerate
our Queens. May the newest Great Queen reign in our admiration.

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