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OT E-mail game recruitment

From: Popeyesays@a...
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2005 01:07:30 EST
Subject: OT E-mail game recruitment

Dear role players

I am going to start a pulp fiction type game set in the late 1920's. 
Characters receive a frantic telegram from a close friend who writes
books about 
macabre death cults around the globe. Something has scared him badly and
he is 
desperate to have you meet him at the Phoenix Hotel in New York City on
evening of January 23, 1926. He gives no details but he's normally a
calculating individual who writes his books as exposes of people using
occcult "powers" 
to swindle and manipulate others.

Send me a character description, a background, a list of equipment he
be willing to bring with him on a train trip to New York City and a
cash reserve upon which he can call (figure one thousand dollars per two
of work at his profession (whatever that might be). I will generate game

stats for him myself, I won't even specify what rule system I am using.
This is a 
bare-knuckles, things that go bump in the night, maidens in distress, 
onion-peeling mystery game. It might take you anywhere, you might face

If interested drop me a mail at:

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