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Got back from GENCON

From: Scott Siebold <gamers@a...>
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2004 11:54:54 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Got back from GENCON

Hi all,
Got back from GENCON and it was interesting. Besides
the main convention center there were lectures and
the auction going on at the Marriott, Hyatt and
Weston hotels across the street (covered walkways to
each). Lots and lots of room with very long walks to
get anywhere.

The owners of GENCON were making every effort at a
profit with convention passes going at $70 for four
days or $27 per day and event tickets going for
between $1.50 to up to $13.50. Many of the lectures
and tha anime theater were free.

I got over to Mongoose publishing and purchased two
victory class Destroyers (Excaliber) and the
new rules "A Call to Arms". The ships were of a good
quality and detail. The rules were designed for
fleet actions and were much simpler then the Babylon
5 or fleet action rules. The only issue was that only
the ships in the Babylon 5 scale were covered in
the fleet lists. I guess any expansion in the future
will cover any newer ships.

I hit the miniatures are but no FT gameres were going
on at the time. I hadn't planning on playing in any
games but I was hoping to see some of the 


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