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Re: Plastic 'flight stands'

From: Doug Evans <devans@n...>
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2004 11:20:30 -0500
Subject: Re: Plastic 'flight stands'

> Short of replacing them with metal stands what do you do to prevent
>  I can see filling the bases with something (but what material?) or
> gluing them to metal washers (would this be sufficient?) but if
> has an alternate idea please speak up.

You need more weight at the bottom and/or a broader base.  You might
try getting some fairly large fender washers (which have a smaller
inside-diameter than a normal washer would have for the same outside
diameter), and glue the flight stand on top of it.

You are trying to keep your fig and stand's center-of-gravity low, so
tipping causes it to rise. Filling the base AND gluing a washer to the
bottom would help. Fender washers are good this way, but they also tend
be thinner, and the more weight on the outside, which has to rise the
highest, the better. Putty, epoxy or otherwise, will help, but that can
pretty expensive, and even the height of the base's cavity  can change
dynamics of the C-o-G. It might be worthwhile keeping it to the outer
of the cavity, assuming we're talking the cup-base most ships now have.

Widening the base WILL help, as the wider the base, the higher the C-o-G
rises before it starts to fall, but with something like an SDN model, it
can get huge compared to the game table. *shrug*

On another note, the plastics of some flight stands, particularly Evil
Empire's (tm), can be brittle and subject to breakage. Avoiding the
nail/washer vs CMD metal stands debate, is there a feeling which of the
plastics available stand up the best? Ways of improving strength and



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