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Re: 2 Weeks to GenCon Indianapolis

From: "Star Ranger" <dean@s...>
Date: Sat, 7 Aug 2004 22:49:56 -0500
Subject: Re: 2 Weeks to GenCon Indianapolis

> > Last year we had 8 players in the tourney.	For the effort I put
> > tourney, I didn't feel it was worth it.  I do think a tourney could
> > done again in the future, but not until FT 3rd edition is out and
> > an bump in the number of FT players out there.
> How are was the attendance for the other games? We always had packed
> games for FT in the past. Is the interest in FT declining Stateside?

There were fewer FT games run overall, but the ones I ran were full.

> > That was just a big network mess.
> I read about it, and even posted a comment on it to comp.risks (an
> excellent group for anyone interested in risks associated with
> and electronics; there's a web archive, too.)
> There's one problem, though, that they may not have addressed. They
> only had 1 printer for 6 registration terminals. This meant that the
> network problems were amplified by the printing bottleneck.

If you had pre-registered, there was no problem.  From what I heard, the
problem with the printers was due to the fact the virus was overloading
network with traffic so the que to the printer was huge.

This year from what I have read, it seems that badges bought on-site
not be printed.  They will just give you a pre-lamitated blank badge and
then you write your name on it.  So simple it will make your head

> > Mongoose likes the look of the full size minis, thus they are using
> > old B5 Wars masters to make their miniatures.  It does save a lot of
> > and scuplting costs.  FA fighters will be used but the FA scale
> > not in their plans.  I don't expect to bring out a competing scale.
> That bites. I'd buy their miniature rules, but not if it's going to be
> the big scale. I just don't have the space. I wonder if Mongoose could
> convinced to release the smaller ships. Probably not, they sound like
> they've made up their minds.

I'll let you know how the rules are after GenCon.  They do come with
counters for every type of ship in the rules, it is a pretty
list.  The counters will be in scale with the big minis though.

My big gripe is that the ships that were way out of scale with the rest
the line won't be re-done.  The massive Olympus and White Star will be

Dean Gundberg

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