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Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2004 16:44:34 +0200
Subject: Re: [OT] Completely

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> Date: Wed,  4 Aug 2004 13:00:37 +0200
> Thanks guys for the help with this one. I think it will be best if I
> ignore torpedoes on the large cruisers and capitals, and just stick
> with the big guns. However the info you have been able to find for me
> will be of great use in sorting out torpedoes for the guys who really
> need them, the CL's, DD and TB's.

A bit more irrelevant trivia about this (From Voss, "Marinekunde", 1901,
which BTW, shows various German cruisers with broadside tubes at 90
degrees ) :

Shooting a torpedo from an underwater broadside tube is not a trivial
technical issue. The ship is moving, and the water rushing by the hull
would press the torpedo against the stern side of the tube when it is
shot out. This led to torpedos being bent out of shape and/or set off
course. The problem was solved by using extensible guide rails on the
bowside of the tube that kept the torpedo straight until it had left the

Karl Heinz

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