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Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004 20:19:00 +0100
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> WW1 era Dreadnoughts and cruisers have submerged torpedo tubes.

The following responses are from Navwar's Steam & Steel system
for pre-Dreadnoughts, but there was still plenty of equipment
from that era floating around the first part of the war. Your
Janes will tell you that many of the crusiers and larger ships
got shot of their tubes mid-war.

> 1) In what direction did the broadside tubes point? Did they
>    point forwards, backwards or to the sides?

Always played them as fixed mounts pointing directly to beam.
Arc of fire very narrow, depending on exact ruleset used.

> 2) Additionally, what were the reload times on these tubes?

Damn slow, one shot per game.

> 3) What was the effective range, with the appropiate speed
>    setting, of torpedoes in WW1?

S&S quotes 5,300 yards for post-1900 17.7 and 18" fish over two
four-minute turns. In practice, don't expect miracles unless
the range is under 1,000 yards and the target is doing less
than 5 knots.

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