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Re: [FT] Simple cloaking system proposal

From: "Grant A. Ladue" <ladue@c...>
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 13:59:05 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: [FT] Simple cloaking system proposal

> Grant wrote:
> >I've been thinking about this some more.  One possibility would be to
>  >require the cloaked ship to plot one additional turn in advance. 
This would
>  >further restrict it's maneuvering with regards to other ships
without making
>  >it completely out of touch.  The PSB would be that the cloak reduces
>  >incoming navigation data and makes the ship slower to respond to
>  >activity.
> Another interesting idea. Personally I prefer your idea limiting the
cloaked vessel to half thrust,
> but there is no reason why the above idea couldn't be substituted in
place of the half thrust option 
> if people liked that better.
   One or the other, or both, may be required.	That'll take some
 to know for sure.

> >The basic idea would be to reduce the effect of missiles by about
> I was also thinking about this some more this afternoon and came to a
similar conclusion myself. I like the -3 from the salvo missile lock on
roll, but as the cloaked vessel couldn't shoot any missiles down and if
it's thrust is halved as well it could be in real trouble. At least
against PBL's a cloaked vessel could be screened as well and gain some
measure of protection. So, in response, I was thinking of limiting the
salvo missiles detection radius to 3mu. That way cloaked vessels are
hard to hit with salvo missiles but if the salvo is especially well
placed then the cloaked vessel is still at risk. If cloaked vessels are
subs then PBL's are depth charges and salvo missiles are anti submarine
   I would think limiting them to 3 mu would be fine, and would also
 the difficulty detecting the cloaked ship.  I would be inclined to
 fighter's attack ranges to 3mu as well though.  I would allow torpedo
 to attack at -3.  Roll a 6 and you do 3 points of damage.  

> >I'd reduce the impact of Nova cannon and Wave Motion Guns similarly.
> Hmmm...tempted to let area effect weapons work as normal, but then
again, the cloaked vessel would be easier to hit with them...mmm. How
about (as I think you were suggesting) reducing the number of dice
rolled to reflect the uncertainty of the targets exact location, half
the number of dice (round up), but leaving the blast radius as normal?
   Yeah, that sounds right to me.


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