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RE: [FT] Simple cloaking system proposal

From: matt tope <mptope@o...>
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 11:23:13 +0100
Subject: RE: [FT] Simple cloaking system proposal

Paul wrote:

>I seem to have missed the original to this, but as I just got my NI
ships I
>am interested in the cloak / stealth tech

I think something odd is going on... I posted it yesterday but recieved
( or so I thought) no replies. So I went to the archive where I found
Grants reply but not my original post. My cloaking proposal and its
replies seem to be...cloaking ;-) 

Anyway, here is the original proposal again; (Ps, I'm definetly going to
go with Grants suggestions for my version!).


Hi all,

I have another FT device for you all to mull over and pronounce judgment

upon, if you would be so kind.

I wanted a cloaking/stealth system that was plain and simple to use, 
without hidden movement (most of the games I take part in are around 
4-6000pts a side, hidden movement cloaking system can drag things out a 
bit in games of this size unfortunately).

So I got to thinking how I could have a simple "cloaking" system. The 
revised fighter rules which were posted here a few months back gave me 
an idea with the "introduction"  DRMs, so here goes:

(Partial?) Stealth/Cloaking system.

Mass: 5% of vessel mass (?)

Cost: 4 x mass used (?)

The system does not provide a full cloak, the vessel can still be 
tracked by other vessels but not with any real accuracy. The systems 
current state (active or deactivated, A or D for short) is noted in its 
orders each turn. Any change in status takes effect at the start of 
vessel movement (see also thresholds).

Effects on cloaked vessel.

When activated the vessel is moved as normal but a counter or other 
marker is used to denote that it is "cloaked".

A cloaked vessel may not fire any weapons (including PDS), launch 
ordinance or fighters.

Screens on the cloaked vessel remain active when the vessel is cloaked.

Effects upon incoming fire.

When fired on by direct fire weapons all dice suffer a -3 DRM. Any hits 
inflicted cause damage as normal.

Beam re-rolls: The -3 DRM means only re rolls, no hits, are inflicted by

any 6's on the first roll. If the cloaked vessel has screens then these 
DO effect any re-rolls from the initial batch of dice rolled. Any re 
rolls from the re rolls penetrate the screens as normal.

Effects vs Ordinance weapons.

PBL's operate as normal. The vessel may be cloaked but if it runs into a

vast plasma explosion then the cloak won't be of much help.

AMT's, may be used as normal except they cannot make the 6mu burn to 
close on a cloaked vessel. They can still make their burn if an 
uncloaked vessel is within range as normal. A cloaked vessel caught in 
the blast radius of an AMT will suffer damage as normal.

Salvo missiles/Heavy missiles: Not quite sure here...tempted to say they

cannot attack a cloaked vessel and leave it at that, however I am open 
to suggestions on this one.


Fighters may attack cloaked vessels, the -3DRM applies. Torpedo bombers 
cannot fire their torps on a cloaked target, however they can, like 
other fighters, escort the cloaked vessel and wait for it to uncloak....

Threshold effects on cloak.

If the cloaking system is thresholded then it fails with immediate

Other notes:

Also unsure on interaction with needle beams. Tempted to say cannot be 
fired upon a cloaked vessel. Once again open to ideas here!

Feed back is welcome, especially in regard to mass and cost of the

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