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Re: I got Excalibur! (B5 miniature)

From: p-atcliffe@u...
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 09:43:35 +0100
Subject: Re: I got Excalibur! (B5 miniature)


> Mongoose Publishing is going to make a Babylon 5 space ship combat 
game. They've made a miniature of the Victory class "destroyer" 
available only at the major conventions; Excalibur was the ship in the 
short series Crusade. My store partner came back from Origins with one, 
and I got it [...] <

I hate you. And I hate them... and, above all, I hate bloody "con 

Okay, so I only mean one out of three of the above statements, and it's 
the one about con exclusives. What is with manufacturers who do this? 
Why the Hades do we poor benighted customers have to put up with having 
ships/figures/whatever that we actually _want_ only made available at 
conventions that hardly any of us can get to, and even then you have to 
win a bloody raffle to be allowed to buy one!! I'm not joking: my son 
got me a con exclusive figure from GenCon last year, but he had to win 
a raffle to be allowed to buy it due to the demand! And, of course, the 
maufacturer hasn't done anything sensible like put the thing into full-
scale production; oh, no, they'd rather put out a dozen other silly 
repaints that no-one wants. What is this, business run for the benefit 
of collectors?

This is particularly dumb in this case, because the Victory class was 
one of the few ships that AoG didn't put out, and there are people out 
there (like me) who would gladly buy more than one IF they could get 
them! So what do Mongoose do? They make it a con exclusive! 

I _hope_ that they will make the sensible decision (as, for instance, 
Jon has in the past) and release the mini generally once the game is 
published. If not, they should be ashamed of themselves for pandering 
to speculators rather than their customers. Anyone want to guess how 
long it will be before these things go up on eBay at grossly inflated 

A rather annoyed Phil

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