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RE: TOE was: Re: Mixed Tech forces

From: <Beth.Fulton@c...>
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 10:06:55 +1000
Subject: RE: TOE was: Re: Mixed Tech forces


And more from Brian ;)



John Atkinson wrote:

>> Yup.  What about an ARV and a ZADS?

>Well, there should be 1 recovery vehicle per line

Attached to the command lance but autonomous, I assume?  One of the
problems with the DSII unit cohesion and morale rules is that they don't
do very well in situations where an element is best used in smaller
sub-units, or should be readily attachable and detachable from other
units -- ZADS and ARV's come to mind quite readily.

<Side note from Beth: Along with the command rules suggested the other
day, what about a detachment houserule?>

>and 2-3 more in a "recovery team".  As a
>general rule of thumb. 

How about 1 administrative lance of four, separated into 2 game-terms
units of 2 each?

> ZADs, you got plenty of.

True.  I', still getting a feel for how many I should run and how I
should organize them.

>ARVs as Engineers. . . I dunno.  The jobs are not
>simillar.  Your ARVs should be staffed by mechanics. 

OK, so one lance of engineers:	two sublances of one AEV and one APC of
foot engineers each?

I'm still working on my air cave troop configuration, I picked up some
more VTOL's this weekend (was in Portland, cleaned out the last of
Bridgetown's Future Wars stock -- all two packs).  So now I have two
aitrframes:  I have six of the wide, flat GZG design (four with wing
pods, tow without), and six of the narrow, two-seat, gunship a la
cobra/apache/Tigre (two woth wing pods, six without).  I'll figure
something out.

I also had an idea for the light arty lance.  I was going to try to find
some sort of tube turret or open-backed mortar carrier.  But instead, I
came up with a RAM design that makes it look like a rocket launcher
instead.  I have some of the LRM-5 launchers from some Battletech Badger
omnitanks (and 8 leftover badger hulls, if someone wants to trade
somehting for them).  I', mounting them on some grav hulls (ok, they're
supposed to be GEV, but they look close enough to Grav).  I decided on
the following design:

AG-7 Wendigo
Class 3 Grav
Armor 3 stealth 0 superior ECM Superior FireCon Redundant systems
Light Artillery, SLAM-3 (fixed mount), 1 extra artillery mission, APSW.

The SLAM rationale:  both it and the light artillery are the same
system:  a non-guided multiple rocket launcher, that can be fired in
direct OR indirect fire modes.

My APC's are made from plastic RenLeg TOG Aenas light tanks, with
turrets from two different modern light AFV's.	The turrets are similar
but not identical.  I'm trying to find a way to explain this without
having to make them two different weapons turrets.

For the Husky AT FSV's, I'll probably buy some of the C-in-C metal Aenas
-- same hull, and a tyurret that looks exactly like the Husky's
configuration:	2 GMSH and a DFFG 2.

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