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Re: TOE was: Re: Mixed Tech forces

From: John K Lerchey <lerchey@a...>
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 20:19:34 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: TOE was: Re: Mixed Tech forces

On Fri, 25 Jun 2004 wrote:

> 1. I've read some archives in the past that addressed an interesting
question, but never saw an official or semi-official ruling.
> What happens if you field 2 or more dedicated c3 vehicles?  Does that
prevent the effects of losing one of them?
> 2. The flavor text for the game describes a very futuristic, advanced
tech level for C3, yet some very serious morale     repercussions for
the loss of a vehicle that, according to the fluff, doesn't even
necessarily carry the actual force commander. It seems to me that given
the level of advancement in the future, there are several possible
levels of C3 available, I'll break them down into the three most common,
using already established DS terms:

> A. Basic C3:	The rules as they stand.
> B. Enhanced C3: The C3 vehicle is only a mobile communications relay
> vehicle, the actual CO is somewhere far from the battle.   Loss of the
> vehicle will have an effect, but not as severe as the rules now.
> C. Superior C3:  The C3 gear has become so miniaturized and powerful
> ever vehicle in the force can carry a full set of relays, and the
> serves as a net - no dedicated C3 vehicle is needed, the force
> is far from the battle, and the loss of any vehicle has no effect on
> command ability.

This is an interesting idea.

I may take a stab at writing up something along these lines as an
set of C3 rules. :)

Let's see, so for A, I would pretty much leave things exactly like they 
are in DSII.

For B, maybe increase the cost by 50%, but make loss of command vehicle
base-level (threat 0) confidence test.	If there were orders in DSII,
have it impact the ability to issue new ones.  In conjunction with my 
command rules, I'd have the command element lose it's command chits 
until/unless a new command relay could be established.

For C, I'd think a surcharge (%) of the overall force cost, or maybe a 
staic cost (3 points?) per element, and no impact for loss of command, 
since all elements are tied into the command net.  I would still, I
have the player designate a single vehicle as the overall commander, and

have a temporary disruption of some kind in the event that it's killed. 
Much like the loss of a unit command element, which is replaced 

Neat idea.



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