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DSII - legal vehicle?

From: John K Lerchey <lerchey@a...>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 17:58:03 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: DSII - legal vehicle?

So, based on some of the discussion on force makeup, I'm thinking about 
modifying some elements of my Combine Armor Bttn.  I have a few items
need to be addressed, any of which could be problematic... maybe. :)

1) MICV.  My MICV is a size 2 tracked vehicle with an RFAC/2.  It's all 
perfectly fine and legal, but I've been using it exculsively as a
level command vehicle.	In the event that I want to use it for my 
battalion command, which would require 8 spaces for the Command and 
Communications equipment, and thus cause me to have to lose the RFAC/2
teh turret (using 6 spaces out of 10, don't leave 8!), do you think that

folks would accept my using two of them with 4 CAP of Command/Comm each?

Basically, split the command function between two vehicles, but count it

as "destroyed" if either of them buys it?

2) Mortar Carriers.  Someone (John A?) said that one of the other folks 
battalions would be better if it had mortars.  I thought that that
like a good idea, but I don't have any vehicles that fit with my force
convert into them, except for a small pile of P.E. GEVs (the classic
GEV).  I was thinking that I could convert a few by filing off the nose 
gun and adding a small bubble or hatch onto the top, just behind the
house (cockpit, whatever), and putting a tube sticking up out of it.  My

design would be to have a pair of light artillery mounted in each one so

that each skirt would be a two mortar (or single rapid fire mortar, 
depending on how I model it) vehicle.  My question for this is, in the 
rules it says that:

Page 12: ii) The capacity (and points cost) of an Aritllery weapon 
INCLUDES its Fire Control (as level of FireCon is not relevent to 
Artillery fire), and the space for ammunition storage.

Somewhere else (though I can't find the reference now) IIRC, says that
Artilley unit can carry 3 loads of ammo.

So, my question is, if I make my twin linnked mortar GEVs, can it carry
total of 6 loads, being 3 rounds of "fire for effect" for each tube?

3) Not really a question... just an obeservation.  Since my infantry is 
all mounted in what amounts to fast hover trucks, I'm likely going to 
convert one of my Banshee hulls into a hover vehicle by adding fans like

the trucks have, and making a hover Duster-H ADS vehicle, and then I'll 
repalce the MICV command vehicle with a Galahad GEV (again, that nice, 
skirted OGRE mini).  That way the entire infantry force is in GEVs and I

won't have to worry about things like the tracked command elements not 
being able to cross streams and such. :)


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