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CMOH winners - was RE: UNSC Ship Names

From: "B Lin" <lin@r...>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 13:14:05 -0600
Subject: CMOH winners - was RE: UNSC Ship Names

A full listing of the 3400+ winners of the CMOH and a short text
description of their actions can be found here:

It is broken down by conflict (i.e. Civil War, WWI, WW2, Korea etc.

An example is Rodger Young (of Starship Trooper fame)


Rank and organization: Private, U.S. Army, 148th Infantry, 37th Infantry
Division. Place and date: On New Georgia, Solomon Islands, 31 July 1943.
Entered service at: Clyde, Ohio. Birth: Tiffin, Ohio. G.O. No.: 3, 6
January 1944. Citation: On 31 July 1943, the infantry company of which
Pvt. Young was a member, was ordered to make a limited withdrawal from
the battle line in order to adjust the battalion's position for the
night. At this time, Pvt. Young's platoon was engaged with the enemy in
a dense jungle where observation was very limited. The platoon suddenly
was pinned down by intense fire from a Japanese machinegun concealed on
higher ground only 75 yards away. The initial burst wounded Pvt. Young.
As the platoon started to obey the order to withdraw, Pvt. Young called
out that he could see the enemy emplacement, whereupon he started
creeping toward it. Another burst from the machinegun wounded him the
second time. Despite the wounds, he continued his heroic advance, at!
 tracting enemy fire and answering with rifle fire. When he was close
enough to his objective, he began throwing handgrenades, and while doing
so was hit again and killed. Pvt. Young's bold action in closing with
this Japanese pillbox and thus diverting its fire, permitted his platoon
to disengage itself, without loss, and was responsible for several enemy

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