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RE: (FT) I give, Steve wins

From: "Dean Gundberg" <Dean.Gundberg@n...>
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 10:36:44 -0500
Subject: RE: (FT) I give, Steve wins

> His BB fires: Steve rolls about 20 beam dice.  Double
> threshold result with 5 hull boxes left undamaged.  We
> roll for threshold checks.  Then he remembers the
> two grasers.	The two grasers fire with one getting a 1 hit
> for 5 damage.

Hmmmm, with Isucc having 43 hull in 3 rows, that gives it rows of
and you said it had "some armor and hull damage" so to go down to 5 hull
boxes left, that means that ship took about 30 points of damage or more
20 beam dice....WOW.  Steve must have had some great rolls to get that
damage.  On average, 20 beam dice would do 16 points of damage, and he
about twice that.  Don't let him use those dice again.

> But you want to know the real kicker?  My 2x class-6 rail
> guns, with both hitting for max damage (24), would have
> only given his BB one threshold check (it would be close to a
> second...).  Unless I got real lucky knocking out weapons
> (on a 6) my ship was still pretty much dead, at least mission
> killed.  And this for two ships that only differ in mass of 10.
> Yes, he had only MD 2 while I had MD 4, but it was so
> one-sided that I'm exasperated about Full Thrust in general.

OK, using the info from your other post, the BB Steve has 14 6arc
for a total of 56 mass.
The BB Issuc has 8 Scatterguns, 4 K1 guns and 2 K6 guns, for a total of
mass, 78.5% of the BB Steve.  With the mass difference and the lower
giving him more weapons.

Now the BB Steve fires all 56 mass of weapons at the BB Issuc as it
have any dedicated point defense weapons.  BB Issuc on the other hand
returns fire with only the 2 K6 guns, 28 mass, because the Scatterguns
out of range and the K1s are firing at another target.

BB Steve then rolls very well with TWICE the weapon mass.  Yup, BB Issuc
would be toast after that exchange.

Dean Gundberg

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