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Re: [DS] Stargate

From: John Atkinson <johnmatkinson@y...>
Date: Sat, 5 Jun 2004 05:56:12 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: [DS] Stargate

--- Jerry Han <> wrote:
> Ahhh, the infamous "why can't they hit the broadside
> of a barn with a 
> staff weapon?"  (8-)	(There was an episode where
> they actually 
> addressed that, and basically called the staff
> weapon a weapon of 
> terror, while the P90 was a weapon of war.  It was a
> great scene.	
> 5th season I think, when SG-1 was training the
> renegade Ja'fa).

Take a look at the firing stance--the weapon requires
basically shooting from the hip and has no sights.  It
also has an extremely slow rate of fire.  In SGII
terms, I'd rate them as FP .5 and Impact d10.  In DSII
terms, I'd rate staff-armed jaffa stands as being
assault troops only.  And not terribly good at
that--maybe 2 chits.

As for the P90 being a weapon of war, that's just as
silly.	It's a freakin' submachine gun.  A cute one
with a twinky little round but a submachine gun
nonetheless.  Give me an M-4.  That's a weapon of war.
 62 grains at 3,100fps vs. 31 grains at 2,346 fps. 
Everyone is agog over that Peruvian guy popping the
terrorist through his vest.  News flash--vests aren't
designed to stop direct hits at point blank range from
real rounds.  An M-4 would have done the same or

You'd think that Stargate has a verdammt endorsement
contract with Fabrique Nationale.  As far as I know,
it's been adopted by the Saudis, Peru, and the Thais. 
In "limited numbers" in all cases.  When a real army
adopts it, then call me.  For now the Stargate Command
is the single largest customer.  Unfortunately they're

> > Ja'far troops:  Veteran (Too poor of shots to

Jaffa, actually.  

> I would actually have them as non-PA troops -- the
> armour (at least,
> as demonstrated on the show) is about equal to
> ballastic weapons for
> both helmeted and unhelmeted guards, but both appear
> equally useless 
> against staff weapons or Zat guns.  As well, there's

Well, more or less.  In the RP Game they are rated
with Damage reduction 8, which compares to a DR of 5
for a kevlar vest with inserts.  So probably the d8
Combat Armor.  The helmet is more or less trivial as
armor, and its only combat advantage is a shortrange
proximity alarm system which makes it difficult to
sneak up on it.

> buggers.)   They do have ground emplacement weapons,
> the
> equivalent of those small anti-tank guns, but I
> don't think 
> anybody's ever seen if they were mobile or not.

There is the Tacluchnatagamuntoron or Tac.  This is an
automatic permimeter defense system targeted on body
heat with a firepower and damage about equivalent to a
staff weapon.

In the episode Forever in a Day, the heavy weapons
shown are dismounted Death Glider cannons.  The RPG
lists them as weighing 90 lbs, but their energy lasts
for only six shots and they cannot be recharged while
dismounted.  It is described as being able to punch
through several inches of titanium and having a range
in excess of a mile.


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