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RE: [FMA:S] Close Combat

From: damosan@c...
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2003 21:39:00 +0000
Subject: RE: [FMA:S] Close Combat

> Are you saying retreat if you pass a morale check?  That seems a
little odd.

Attacker rolls motivation to charge.

Defender rolls motivation to accept the charge:  If they pass the roll
they can choose to accept or bail.  If they fail the roll they bail. 
Sorry for the confusion.  By BAIL I mean to move backwards at 1/2 their
standard movement.

> OTOH I've taken quite a few hits that had my ears ring for a moment
> didn't keep me from taking my own swing a moment later.

For every example there is a counter-example.  :)

> FP *or* QD beat opponent: he takes one Suppression, which means in his
> activation he can move *or* swing but not both.

(Move or swing ) AND try to remove a single suppression?

> FP *and* QD beat opponent: roll for penetration.  If penetration, do
> damage.  If no penetration, opponent gets a total of two Suppressions
> next activation he can't do anything except recover.

I kind of like where that is leading because it assumes that a player
has a choice between continuing the close combat or (assuming no
suppressions) that it can move backwards for its first activation and
then fire with its second.


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