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RE: [FMA:S] Close Combat

From: "laserlight@q..." <>
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2003 16:13:18 -0500
Subject: RE: [FMA:S] Close Combat

> Turning your back on a melee opponent is an *excellent* way to get
> unless your opponent is very slow and you are very fast.  I'd say you
> for morale before the combat starts; if you succeed, you stay put.

>I accept how about moving backwards at 1/2 your normal

Are you saying retreat if you pass a morale check?  That seems a little

> That's a pretty heavy penalty, given that it's not all that hard to
> generate a suppression and it doesn't take armor into account.  For
> instance, if I have a quarterstaff, that'll have high FP, low IMP --
> you're in full plate, the chance of your being stunned is pretty low.

>Point taken but I'm worried about modern day stuff.  A riflebutt to the
side of the head (even a kevlared head) is still more than capable of
knocking someone to the ground.  I've seen it happen.
>The same would go for a staff against some knight's full-plated head.

OTOH I've taken quite a few hits that had my ears ring for a moment but
didn't keep me from taking my own swing a moment later.


FP *or* QD beat opponent: he takes one Suppression, which means in his
activation he can move *or* swing but not both.
FP *and* QD beat opponent: roll for penetration.  If penetration, do
damage.  If no penetration, opponent gets a total of two Suppressions --
next activation he can't do anything except recover.

I'd also allow a character to get UP1 on his QD when defending at a cost
DOWN1 when attacking, or vice versa.

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