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Re: Spaceships American Style?

From: "staremu" <star_emu@h...>
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 09:54:32 -0800
Subject: Re: Spaceships American Style?

How willing are companies when it comes to requests to knock the VAT off
the top?  In additon, how do we know what merchants are including the

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  Doug Evans wrote:

I think I need more coffee...Bang on! I think I'll join you...By the
way, I'd like to point out there is still a fair amount of theformer
Geo-Hex produced GZG ships on the market, whether on eBay or localgame
shops. By all means, have a look.As I hope to be putting some fleets on
eBay in the near future, I againremind all that there's a fair amount of
various Micro Machines at very lowprices, with ships in Star Wars, Star
Trek, and B5 available.But mostly, BE NOT AFRAID OF TRANS-ATLANTIC
TRANSACTIONS! Jon is most easyto deal with, and many others have already
sung high praises of thequickness of deliveries. Little known fact:
Brits want our money. ;->=Another myth that needs debunking is that it
costs more to order overseas. In the case of larger companies, their
prices include VAT which can be deducted for non-EU orders; this is
usually enough to offset some or all of the shipping costs. Another
point to bear in mind is that if you were to buy (say) UK products from
a distributor in the US, you may not pay as much in direct shipping but
then they will probably cost more model-for-model since the dustributor
will have built another layer of profit in. 

  And yes, we do want your money ;-)


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