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RE: [FT] seeking Salvo Missile advice

From: Jared Hilal <jlhilal@y...>
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 15:38:35 -0800 (PST)
Subject: RE: [FT] seeking Salvo Missile advice

--- wrote:
> How are you getting around the problem of ships coming in at speed 72
> and hitting their opponent before the opponent has a chance to get
> beams in range to do damage back? That's what's always killed vector
> missiles for us.

Just to make sure I am answering the correct question, we use cinematic
movement for ships and so will the missiles (in terms of how
acceleration, turns and V calculations work), but they will carry a
velocity from turn to turn like a ship.  I assume this is what you mean
by "vector missiles".  

We haven't tried the (new) system yet, though your concern was
discussed.  The solution was more complicated, but if it becomes a
problem we will try switching systems.

We figure the primary abuse would be to fire at a target ahead (F arc),
then turn away sharply to keep the range open.	(acts kind of like
mongol light cavalry in space)

The alternate solution we have waiting is to have the launch take place
after ships are moved.	The missile is then placed 3 MU from the launch
vessel and performs its movement as if it had V(i)=0.  If the missile
does not engage the target on the first turn, then on the missile
status sheet, the missile's V is recorded adding the V(i) calculation
from my original post.	Essentially, the missile loses its first turn
of extra velocity and the launching ship is forced to maneuver for a
launch position based on launching at the end of its movement rather
than at the beginning.

Another thing that we discussed was, if the value of an EF is high,
like 10 or 12, then make the turning cost 4/3/2 instead of 3/2/1.  This
would make the missiles les maneuverable and, at high speeds allow the
tactic of trying to cut inside the missile's turning arc if the
geometry is right. 


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