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Re: [FT] seeking Salvo Missile advice

From: Jared Hilal <jlhilal@y...>
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 15:34:31 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: [FT] seeking Salvo Missile advice

--- Laserlight <> wrote:
> > In order to attack the target ship, the missiles must be within 3
> > MU (they moved after the ships, remember?).
> Er, you said they moved after orders were written but before the
> ships moved.

No, I said that they were *launched* after orders but before ships
move.  As in launch declared, missiles placed on the board in position
and direction, target and speed noted on missile record sheet.

After I describe initial speed calculation, the first sentence in the
paragraph about moving the missiles is that they are moved after ships

> Actually, it sounds as if you're combining SM with More Thrust
> Missiles (aka MTM). Take a look at Noam's weapons archive

Kinda, sorta.

We looked at this, as well as the "Solving Missile Speed" section.  We
wanted missiles with only 1d6 damage (like SMs), but liked the EF idea.
 We did not like the FB-fighterlike secondary move concept for
missiles, so had them move after ships and traded off to require them
to get closer.

The variable-speed drive came from some popular fiction :)

We did not like the closing speed concept from the  "Solving Missile
Speed" section, so we took a different approach.  We wanted the
likelyhood of missiles successfully engaging the target to be related
to the proximity to the target and the target's "signature".  We toyed
with tying the to-hit number to the incident angle between the
missile's heading and the target (i.e. "target is in missile's F 30
degrees, X to hit, target in F 60 degrees X+1 to hit", etc.), but
dropped it after some discussion.

Another thing that we could not settle on was what to do with missiles
that "lost lock" and didn't engage the target.	Options were to allow
them to circle for another try or to allow them to attempt to "acquire"
other ships in successive order of proximity.  In the end we decided it
was too complicated for what we wanted and dropped both ideas in favor
of PSBing "proximity soft kill fratricide" from the missiles that did
engage the target, so the rest of the volley just disappears.


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