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RE: 2300 AD

From: "Mark A. Siefert" <siefertma@w...>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 23:35:54 -0600
Subject: RE: 2300 AD

Does Invasion have a TO&E for most of the armed forces of the 2300 AD


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Mark if you can find it the 2300 source book
"Invasion" is a great campaign for everything
from Full Thrust to Stargrunt. Give a great
background story and time line with pretty
good force brake down.

Another good one is the "Kafer Source Book"
I'm using it now for doing up a force of the bad
guys. I'm going to try and mold them up (3rd
attempt) so don't anyone hold their breath..)
But if I get this to work I'll have a unique race
for SGII in 15mm.

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