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RE: FT scenarios you use for Star Trek?

From: "Matt Tope" <mptope@o...>
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2003 16:03:07 -0000
Subject: RE: FT scenarios you use for Star Trek?

Well, there was this one scenario I ran, with 3 novice and 1 experinced
player involving a Klingon force of 2 D7's, and a Fed force of 1
Constitution class and a Miranda class which went extremely well.

Set up.

Table/playing area approx 6x4 ft

Forces enter on opposite sides of the 4ft edge.

Klingons, 2 D7
Feds,	 1 Con, 1 Miranda

Each ship carries 4 shuttles capable of carrying 1 party of upto 8
Planet in middle, M class. Only due to some wierd atmospheric effects
transportes cannot operate through or in the planets atmosphere.
Communicators and weapons function as normal in space and on the planet,
weapons cannot be fired from space into the planets atmosphere (those
strange effects again).

Objective for both sides; The planet is believed to be the last resting
place of Captain Kirk's Toupee. Star Fleet want it for their Museum in
Fransisco, the Klingons want it to mount as a trophy in the Imperial

The first side to retrieve the toupee and escape off the playing area is

Shuttles take one turn to fly from high orbit to low altitude whee they
then commence a search pattern. For each shuttle roll 1d6 per turn of
searching, on a score of 5 or 6 the toupee is located. For some reason
toupee must be extracted from its hiding place on foot, therefore the
shuttle land and a search party sent out. Roll 1d6 per search party per
turn, on a 4+ they find and retrieve the toupee. Both sides may monitor
others communications, when one side discovers the toupee it will take
remaining shuttles d3 turns to converge on the area. Shuttle dog fights,
strafe runs and ground party combat may be settled with whatever rules
players wish.

When first played the Feds accelerated towards the planet at max thrust,
launched all 8 shuttles, then backed off out of the way. The Fed
reached the planet in 1 turn, descended to low altitude and began their
sweep. The Klingons approached more cautiously and enetered orbit before
launching their shuttles. Of the 8 fed shuttles 1 quickly located the
the toupee was in and it, plus another, flew there as fast as they
The remaining 6 fed shuttles flew up and intercepted the kilngon
After a short sharp furball all 6 of the fed and 4 of the klingon
were destroyed.

Foolishly the feds elected to park up their remaing two shuttles and
out all personnel to look for the toupee. The 4 klingon shuttles then
arrived, strafed the two shuttles and the landing partiers before 3 of
the 4
landed and discourged their own landing parties, the 4th remained above
CAP. The klingons then dispapeared into the undergrowth looking for the
toupee, and killing or capturing all the remaining fed personnel. Well,
but one. At this point, the one remaining red-shirt crept out from
behind a
rock and nipped into one of the klingon shuttles, started it up and shot
into the sky, the Klingon shuttle on CAP was taken by suprise and
The intrepid red shirt then used the klingons shuttle to destroy the
remaing shuttles and take out the klingon landing parties. He then
retrieved the toupee and took off again.

Meanwhile, in space the various heavy units had been monitoring the
shannanigins below. The fed ships altered course and headed into towards
planet, the klingon vessels turned to engage, at which point the shuttle
shot up from the planet and broke orbit, right in front of one of the
Thankfully for the feds the Miranda opened fire and hit with all weapons
the D-7 crippling it. The Miranda then beamed the crewman and wig from
shuttle, joined up with the Constitution and together made their escape.

It was a fun game, and got the three novices hooked on Full Thrust.


Matt Tope.

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